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God's Plage Fighter 2000BC

You're a small 'Thing' that was awaken by the goods~
They are furious with the lack of faith of the people.
You're the one who can save the land from the Wrath of the Gods, and you do that by building PYRAMIDS.

Every time you play the world will be different and the events randomized. So you can try next time if the luck was not by your side.

:: The pyramids are built like this: 8 sand blocks and 1 pyramid black and white block:


y - pyramid black and white block
s - sand yellow block
p - player(press 's' to shoot yourself up ^)

(ignore '-' just spacing the blocks)

:: There's a counter with a beetle that show's the remaining time for the next spawn of an enemy.

:: Build your pyramids and manage the terrain in the meantime.(you can place and pick up blocks with Left mouse Button(pos compo) / space(compo)

:: Shoot yourself up and hit the beetles to collect the coins and gain points!

:: Don't drawn in the water blocks.

Have fun!


Music, Game Design, Art and Programming by Mateus Branco, Portugal aka Matex-7.

Made in aprox 48h for LudumDare 36.



ChangeLog a1.0.1 (release at 29/08/2016);

-Start game in window mode (F1 to toggle fullscreen once in game)

-Mouse control for block positioning

-Space bar or W to jump

::Bug fixed: not aligned block spawn glitch.

-Music removed (it sounds better without sound, maybe i'll add some sound effects in tha future)


ChangeLog a1.0.2 (release at 29/08/2016);

-New Music added

-some SoundEffects

-Improved menu.

::minor bugs fixed.

-'M' Toggle music


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keys3.0 PosCompo.png 126 kB
(POS COMPO)God'sPlageFighter2000BC 1.0.2.exe 4 MB


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Hey everyone I posted 3 INDIE GAMES! I had tons of fun with these little games!

"God'sPlagueFigther2000BC" Was one of them!